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Who Are We?

R.E.E.F. stands for Reef Environmental Education Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that has devised a fish ID course based on the Roving Diver Technique (RDT) to teach basic fish species to sport divers and snorkelers. With basic knowledge of these fish, volunteers can record the fish they see every time they go into the water. REEF compiles the information into a database listing the fish species and abundance observed at each dive location. We, as a non-profit field station, teach the free fish ID courses and promote the membership of R.E.E.F.

The data collected by REEF's volunteers is available on the
REEF website by area, site, or volunteer member number. One can actually see the data resulting from their own surveys. The six geographical codes for Pensacola's sites and three more along the Gulf Coast were created with the survey data from our members in 1999 and 2000! Many more new sites are being surveyed and coded by REEF for our area throughout the year. The fact that REEF is adding these all of these sites based on the surveying activity of our membership shows how groundbreaking all of this data will be.

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